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In our list of parts for the exhibition, the 4/3 way solenoid valve and 350-500 bar DN 20 pressure relief valve are newly designed and produced.

According to practical experiences, it is known that underground environment contains lots of water and other acidic/alkaline solutions, which will cause corrosion to the valves. Therefore to maintain a smooth operation and long life cycle, the new design had improved its rust-resistant ability.

We are also producing a new unload valve for pump stations. This new valve can operate under a pressure of about 375 bar (37.5MPa). It is suitable for pumps with up to 1000 kW power and 1340 L/min flow rate. These characteristics make this valve also capable for other heavy duty applications.

For other products in general, some changes are made on the connections and dimensions to ensure easy assembly and maintenance, especially when they are used underground. There are also some improvements to prevent malfunctioning and enhance performance. Those changes are made to fulfill customers’ requirement, and provide them with high quality and safe products that are also easy to use.

Exhibitor: OHE Maschinenbau GmbH

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