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Reference of Big Capacity Fully Mobile Crusher

thyssenkrupp provided fully mobile crusher equipment to a Germany open pit in 1956. Since then, there are many fully mobile crusher systems commissioning in coal mines and quarries around the world. The content as following shows the reference of fully mobile crusher after Yiminhe project commissioning in 2007, thyssenkrupp obtained the 14 contract of large capacity fully mobile crusher in the world.


  • Yiminhe 1 sets of 3000 tons per hour (coal)

  • Baiyinhua 3 sets of 6000 tons per hour, 1 sets (stripping) 3000 tons per hour (coal)

  • Datang 3 sets of 10000 tons per hour (topsoil stripping)

  • Canada 1 sets of 7000 tons per hour (oil sand mine)

  • Brazil vale 2 sets 3900 tons per hour (iron ore stripping)

  • Brazil vale 3 sets, 2500 tons per hour (iron ore).

Exhibitor: thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (China) Co. Ltd.

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